There are many different kinds of filming styles, and types of videos that can be made. It’s often overwhelming to even get started, even if you’ve got some experience under your belt.

Starting with some basic types of videos for your business will help you get started more quickly, and allow you to gain some experience. Here are 4 basic and SIMPLE types of videos that you can create now for your brand/business.

1. Educational/Presentation

This is where you are simply educating people on what it is that you do.

Educational Video Example

2. Testimonial

This is a video where a customer provides a testimonial for you or your business. This is the most powerful video that you can have, and we recommend that every business have testimonial videos from clients/customers.

Testimonial Video Example

3. Tutorial/Demonstration

This is showing how to do something. A tutorial video could be a recipe, DIY project, or simply showing how your services work.

Tutorial Video Example

4. B-Roll with Voiceover

B-Roll is the same type of video footage you can often see on the news. This is where you are showing something while talking over the footage with a voiceover.

This is an excellent type of video for those that get nervous appearing while speaking on camera.

Whichever type of video you choose to try, be sure to watch these 8 mobile filming tips to help you get the best footage possible.